Inspirasi dan Motivasi dari Charles Ngo tentang Produktivitas

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Salah satu Inspirator yang saya kagumi di dunia online dan bisnis adalah Charles Ngo..

Nah berikut ini quotenya yang sama ambil dari postingan status FBnya

Your habits = your life

Some habits that have changed my life:

– Gym 3x a week
– Read 30 minutes a day
– Meditate 10 minutes a day
– I drink only water for the most part, no soda and I avoid sugar

New habits I’m implementing
– Daily supplements (fish oil. Vitamin D, I’ll do a post on what I take sometime)
– I don’t have a personal Facebook anymore. Productivity is through the roof.
– 2x Yoga a week


1. Learn how habits work. Read The Power of Habit, and BJ Fogg’s Habit model

2. It’s all about the compound effect. Will reading 30 minutes once change your life?

No. But I’ve been reading 30 minutes a day for the past 10 years… It adds up.

3. It’s hard to make progress if you have destructive habits / addictions holding you back.

I avoid even starting the behavior.

Example I don’t gamble. There have been people richer and smarter than me who lost everything to gambling. So…I don’t even gamble for “fun”.

I use to be addicted to online video games…I’m not a fan of “moderation.” It’s like being an alcoholic and controlling how much you drink.

That’s why i switched to Mac all those years ago…Mac sucks for gaming lol.

If I had a superpower it would be.

a. Define the goal
b. Create a system to attain it
c. Create daily habits that support the goal.
d. Create an ENVIRONMENT that supports your behavior. If you avoiding alcohol, then you shouldn’t live in a street full of bars.

Bonus: Who do you surround yourself with? Curate it.

Hang out with people you want to be like. Avoid people who are holding you back.

Motivasi dan Inspirasi tokoh charles Ngo


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